Services Provided

In house X-Ray

We perform all the basic x-ray procedures. The x-rays are electronically forwarded to a team of radiologists for a confirmation of our interpretation.

Our employees are certified by the state of Mississippi and the equipment serviced regularly.

In house Laboratory

Our laboratory is inspected and approved by the state of Mississippi. We strive to maintain high quality testing, with more testing performed in house to prevent waiting for critical results.

Testing Performed In House include:

Complete Blood Counts---detects infection (viral or bacterial), anemia, and bleeding disorders

Pregnancy Testing---Urine (Clarksdale and Hernando) and Blood Pregnancy (Clarksdale only)

Strep Testing

Chemistry Testing---Limited

Mononucleosis Testing


H. Pylori (abnormal bacteria in stomach)

Fecal Occult Blood (Blood in Stool)

Flu Testing

Complete Urinalysis including Microscopic Results

RSV in children

Wet Preps (specimens examined microscopically from a pelvic exam

All other testing is sent to one of our reference labs (American Esoteric Laboratory and Quest Diagnostic Laboratory) for testing and most results are received overnight.